10 Raccoon’s Tested Positive for Rabies in Staten Island!


Attention Pet
Owners, 10 raccoons tested positive for rabies in Staten Island!

Since January 2013, 10 raccoon’s have tested positive in
Staten Island in neighborhoods including Eltingville, Grasmere, Great Kills,
New Dorp, Park Hill, Tottenville and Westerleigh. The number is on the rise, as
compared to last year, when a reported 6 raccoon’s tested positive in
Staten Island.
Maintaining vaccination against rabies is required for all dogs
and cats in NYC. Any unvaccinated dog or cat that may have been exposed to a
rabid animal is required to enter into six-month isolation in an approved
facility or be euthanized. If a pet is up to date with its rabies vaccine but
potentially exposed to a rabid animal, a booster vaccine should be given
immediately, and the owner should be instructed to confine and observe the
animal for 45 days in the owner’s home.
Although none of the ten rabid raccoon’s have any
reported contact with any humans or pets, it’s still important to be aware of
any rabid animals in your neighborhood. 
Any healthy pet dog or cat that has been bitten or scratched a
person is required to be confined and observed by the owner (in most instances)
for 10 days. If the animal is not currently vaccinated against rabies,
vaccination should not occur until after the completion of the 10 day
observation period. Animal bites are can be reported to the DOHMH Veterinary
Public Health Services (VPHS) Animal Bite Unit at 212-676-2483 during
business hours; outside of business hours please call the Poison Control Center
at 212-POISONS or 212-764-7667.
A couple of things that pet owners should be educated on: 
  • Avoid contact with wild and stray animals
  • Make sure your dog or cat is up-to-date on its rabies vaccinations
  • Avoid leaving your pets outdoors unattended and feed them indoors
  • Avoid trying to separate animals that are fighting
  • Contact the Bregman Vet Group if your pet has been in contact with
    a raccoon, skunk, bat or any animal that might be rabid
If your pet is not vaccinated, please contact one of the Bregman Veterinary Group locations immediately to schedule an appointment. 

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