10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cats!

 The population of cats in the US is estimated
to be between 125 to 150 million. That number is quickly increasing by the day.
Although we seem to be surrounded by cats, how much do we REALLY know about our
feline friends? Here are 10 interesting facts about these cuddly creatures that
you probably didn’t know:
Catnip isn’t Just for domestic cats- If you own a cat, chances are that you
know the effect catnip has on them. Well, this isn’t limited to just house cats.
Even lions and tigers can’t resist this tempting treat!
Cats don’t have collarbones- This is how your cat is able to fit into very
tight spaces. Cats are able to squeeze into openings that are the same size as
their heads. Next time you you find your cat in an unusual place you’ll know
Its more than just a “cat nap”- It’s perfectly normal for your cat to
spend a majority of their time snoozing. On average, a domestic cat will
“nap” for about 2/3 of their life.
Back it up!- Most people know that cats have amazing vision in low light. What
most DON’T know is that cats are farsighted which means they have trouble
focusing on things that are closer than a foot in front of their faces.
Cats tolerate heat very well despite all that fur- Thanks to traits handed down
by their ancestors, cats can thrive in hot temperatures. One unique feature is
their ability to sweat through the pads on the bottoms of their paws!
Felines dream much like humans- As long as a cat is in a deep enough sleep,
they will produce the same brain waves found in humans during the REM stage of
their slumber.
Certain breeds like water- Breeds such as the Maine Coon, American Bobtail and
a handful of others actually enjoy swimming or wading in water.
Obesity is a serious epidemic among cats- As of 2011, 54% of US cats were
considered overweight/obese. This is also try of US dogs and humans!
Cats are VERY clean animals- Felines will spend about 1/3 of the time they are
awake grooming themselves.
Cats are FAST- In short distances, domestic cats can travel at speeds of up to
31 MPH. Some of their “big cat” relatives, such as the cheetah, can
reach a top speed of 75 MPH!
is important to thoroughly educate yourself before becoming a cat owner. If you
fail to do so the results could be Catastrophic.

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