World Spay Day

February is recognized as spay/neuter month, and February 27th
is World Spay Day. The purpose of this recognition is to help raise awareness
about pet overpopulation, the importance of spaying/neutering your pets and the
added benefits it can help provide your pet.  

What is Spaying/Neutering

When you have a pet spayed or neutered you are removing
their ability to produce offspring. Spaying is the removal of the female
reproductive tract while neutering refers to the removal of the male’s testes.

Why Spay/Neuter?

When your pet is spayed/neutered there are a number of added
benefits to take into consideration. By helping to prevent the birth of
unwanted litters you can help keep the pet population down. Spaying and
neutering can also help lower the chances of health issues in the long term
along with behavioral problems that can occur.
Other benefits include:
  • Reduced risk of cancer
  • Reduced aggression
  • Reduced roaming
  • Reduced spraying & marking
  • Increased lifespan (3-5 years)

Spay/Neuter Procedure

When a pet is spay/neutered they will go through a full
surgical procedure. This is one of the most common surgical procedures
performed by a veterinarian. Your pet will undergo a regular surgical process
that includes sterilization and general anesthesia. After completion, your pet
will then be prescribed medications to help minimize the pain that may
accompany the procedure. For the next few days after it is best to keep your
pet as relaxed and calm as possible as this will help allow the incision from
surgery to heal.
When it comes to the health and happiness of your pet spaying/neutering
is one of the most significant choices you can make. Contact us to schedule an
appointment or for any additional information about spaying/neutering your pet.

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