3 Reasons to Have a Primary Veterinarian


Every pet owner knows it’s important to take your pet to a veterinarian, especially when you first bring them home and every year for annual checkups. While most people select one veterinarian and keep them throughout the life of their pet, not everyone knows just how important it is to have a primary veterinarian. From providing your pet with consistent care to ensuring their veterinarian is up to date on their medical records and history, there are many important reasons why you should select a veterinarian you trust and stick with them.

Comfort is key for your pet

Going to the veterinarian can be a stressful time for your pet, especially if they have been sick in the past or had to have multiple visits due to an illness or accident. If you select a primary veterinarian that your pet can get used to and comfortable with, you are setting yourself (and your best friend) up for success with each visit. Comfort can be hard to come by in stressful situations, but familiarity can do wonders for alleviating the natural stress that comes with visiting a doctor.

Establishing a relationship early-on can help for later illnesses

By selecting a primary veterinarian from the time that you bring your pet home, you are giving yourself and your best friend time to build a trusting relationship from the get-go. Since early visits to the vet typically involve routine checkups and shots, these can be less stressful appointments and help establish the familiarity that can be critical later on down the road. If your pet becomes sick or is involved in an accident and needs the care of a veterinarian, having a primary provider can be a game changer in the comfort level for everyone involved since getting to know one another is not a focus of any of those visits.

Gain quick access to appointments and help when you need it

If your pet is already an established patient with a certain veterinarian, it is much easier to get quick access to that vet’s schedule last-minute if you need it. If you need help from a specialist or quick access to advice, working with a primary veterinarian and establishing a relationship with the office can also help you gain peace of mind that you will have swift help when you need it.

How to pick the right veterinarian

According to the AVMA, today’s pets are living longer, healthier lives thanks to the availability of high-quality veterinary care, preventative care, and pet owners’ careful monitoring of their animals for early signs of illness. When choosing a veterinarian for your pet and your family, you should use the same care and criteria that you would when selecting a physician or dentist for yourself. In addition to location, office hours, and payment options, you will want to select a veterinarian that has a great reputation and that you feel comfortable with as a long-term relationship is the best goal for all.

Once you have established a relationship with your primary veterinarian, you (and your pet) will feel much more at ease at appointments over time. It’s important to remember that a great veterinarian cares as much about you as an owner as they do about your pet, so this relationship is just as important for them to maintain over time as it is for you. When your veterinarian knows your pet’s medical history and temperament, they can swiftly jump into action if/when they need to.

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