4 Tips to Help Your Cat Feel Comfortable At Home


Happy Caturday!  Whether you’re looking to bring home a new kitten or you’re trying to help your cat feel more comfortable at home, there are a few tips and tricks that can help reduce anxiety.  
Cat Comfort Tips:

  1. Buy A Cat Tree – Cats like to survey the area around them and may try to perch on top of high cabinets and counter tops.  Buy them a cat tree that they can safely view the home from.
  2. Let Your Cat Come to You – Sit on the floor and let your cat come to you.  Allowing your new pet to become gradually acquainted to you will help him or her feel more comfortable.
  3. Offer Hiding Spaces – Cats also love to hide in places where they feel safe.  You can buy a covered cat bed or cat carrier where they can stand up and turn around.
  4. Keep the Liter Box Somewhere Private – Put the litter box in a place where there is not a high traffic volume.  This will help your cat feel more comfortable and help with training.

If you have any questions about your cat’s health or how you can help them better adjust to your home, contact our office.  Our experienced veterinarians and staff will help you keep your feline friend happy and healthy.  Contact one of our offices below:

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