4th of July Pet Safety Tips


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Are you ready for the holiday weekend?  However you decide to celebrate this year, remember to keep your pets safe!  Loud fireworks can make pets nervous on the Fourth of July.  Here are a few tips to help keep your celebration safe and enjoyable.

Pet Safety Tips for the 4th:
  • Keep Pets Indoors – Even if your dog or cat is usually comfortable with being outside, fireworks and other loud noises might cause him or her to panic.  When pets are afraid, they may attempt to run from the noise and lose their sense of direction.
  • Insect Control – Many products that are designed for people can be toxic to pets.  Only use insect repellent that is specifically designed for pets.
  • Alcohol – Make sure that all alcoholic beverages are kept out of reach of your pets.  Alcohol is dangerous to both dogs and cats.
  • Identification Tags – Consider fitting your pet with a microchip or an ID tag with their name and your phone number.  This will help identify your pet in the unfortunate event that they do escape and become lost.
  • Fireworks – Keep pets away from fireworks!  When they are lit, they post a danger to curious pets.  Even unused fireworks contain potentially toxic substances.
  • Stay Hydrated – July 4th is usually one of the hottest days of the year.  If your pet is outside all day, remember to keep plenty of fresh, cool water available.
  • Dangerous Foods – Many party foods are unhealthy or even poisonous to dogs and cats, including onions, grapes and corn cobs.
If you have any questions about how to keep your pets safe this year, contact Bregman Vet Group!  

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