5 Apartment Friendly Pets – That Are Not Cats or Dogs

Apartment Living can
be tough if your building management is strict on the pets they allow. But
sometimes you just want some company! Here are our recommendations for small
critters that will do well in your small space.


Studies have
actually shown that fish are good for mental health! Results of these studies
have shown a decrease in blood pressure and stress with fish owners. A small
fish tank doesn’t take up much space and only requires minimal upkeep in
changing the water and daily feeding. The downside to a fish though is it’s not
going to be very cuddly or playful.


Snakes, lizards,
geckos, turtles – there are tons of different types of reptiles that will do
well in an apartment setting. Most of them tend to do well on their own for
extended periods of time and they make for a quiet pet. Reptiles also tend to
have longer lifespans than other pets. Just be aware that some snakes need to
be fed live food!


Feathered friends
are great for apartments and they have an inexpensive upkeep. However, be ready
for some noise as these pets don’t like to keep quiet. Some types of birds also
require constant interaction, so if you’re out of the apartment for extended
periods of time maybe consider a different type of pet.


There is a wide
variety of rodents – hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, guinea pigs, and more! They
are small and inexpensive pets to have, with minimal upkeep (cleaning their
cage). They require playtime and interaction so be prepared for supervised time
outside of their enclosure. Another thing to note is that some rodents cause
allergy issues, so make sure you interact with your pet in the store before you
bring it home to make sure you won’t have an issue later on.

and Rabbits

If you’re looking for
a higher energy small pet, these are the ones for you. They too require
supervised playtime so set aside time for that every day. With ferrets just be
wary that they’re illegal in some municipalities, so check the legislation in
your local area before committing to one as a pet.

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