A Few Simple Ways to Spend More Time With Your Pets!


If you had to guess the amount of time each day that the
average pet owner spends with their pet daily, what number would you guess? If
you guessed forty minutes, you’re correct. The average pet owners spend about
forty minutes per day with their pet.
Although the amount of money pet owners spend on their pets
has increased from about 28.5 billion a year to 53 million per year, the amount
of time we spend with them has stayed about the same.
If you’re looking for a few tips on how to spend a little
extra quality time with your furry friend, we’ve got you covered! Remember,
your pets flourish off of your love and attention! 
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tips on how to spend a few extra minutes with your pets on our Facebook wall!
Capture little moments – You don’t need to dedicate endless
hours to show your pet love and affection. If you’re doing house chores/house
work, talk to your pet while doing so. Also, use your time in the evening while
unwinding to brush your dog or snuggle your kitten on your lap! This is the
perfect time to give them that few extra minutes of love!
Practice makes perfect – If you don’t have the extra time to
toss a ball around out back with your pets, make the most of the time you’re
home to practice commands with your pet! If you’re cooking dinner, doing
laundry or even paying your bills, practice obedience skills with your pets.
You can practice, sit-stays, lay-down-stays and any other commands you may use.
Let your pet tag along – If your cat or dog enjoys getting
out of the house, consider bringing them along for the ride. If you’re going
out for a short amount of time to run a few errands, bring them along! Just be
sure you won’t be leaving your pet in the car for too long!  

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