A Look Into What to Expect at the Vet!

Have you ever been apprehensive to bring your pet to the veterinarian
because you weren’t sure what to expect for your canine companion? If you have,
this is a common worry for many pet owners! However, there is nothing to worry
about when bringing your pet to the vet’s office! 

Here is a little run down of what to expect when taking your pet to the vet, courtesy of animalplanet.com

Your dog’s yearly checkup at the vet’s office will include a
complete physical exam where all areas on your pet’s body will be examined,
including their mouths! Be sure to record and take notes on your pets
experience at the vet. Their behavior may change throughout the exam! Depending
on your pet’s age or conditions, your vet may need to run a couple of routine tests,
x-rays or even prescribe antibiotics! If there is a type of procedure your pet
may need done and your vet  does not do
it in the office, you may be referred to a specialist.

You want to choose a vet that your pet will feel comfortable
around. Your vet should be someone who is calm, caring and is willing to take
the time to explain to the pet owner all procedures that their pet may need!

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