A New Breed of Counter-Terrorism Experts

With all of the news these days
about suicide bombers and people bombing buildings, it makes you wonder how
this can be prevented. Well, there may have just been a breakthrough.
At Auburn University in Alabama,
canines are being trained to identify a decoy bomber. These special types of
dogs are trained to go after the bomber on the move.

“As the person moves through they do develop a wake of
air behind them and the dog is scenting that, if the dog identifies an explosives
material then it would give a response….From that we came up with the
terminology vapor wake,” said Dr. Robert Gillette, AU Veterinary College of
Medicine (wrbl.com).
Labrador retrievers are the breed that are used because
they have an outstanding ability to focus and stay friendly in a highly
populated area, like a mall for example.
As a test run, dogs were walking through
the mall and there was a decoy that entered and walked around. From the scent
of the explosive materials, the canine followed the wake of the potential
bomber and changed its behavior. From there, the officials knew that they have
identified the suspect.
It’s amazing what dogs can do these days
and how well they are trained. If your dog is having health issues, please feel
free to call the Bregman Vet Group and we can scheduled an appointment for you.

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