A Quick Guide to Follow When Traveling with Pets!


In recent years, vacations have been extended to the whole
family. Both AAA and Best Western International claim that more then 50% of pet
owners in the United States now travel with their pets around the world.
Pets may not exactly love being shoved in the backseat of a
car, or put below a plane. So here are some tips that can help smooth the
transition for your pet no matter where your family is traveling:
  • Trial run– Take
    shorter drives with your pet and see how they react before dragging them on
    trips that are further away.
  • Buckle up– Thousands
    of accidents per year occur because of pets that are unrestrained, buckle up
    your pet so it’s not a distraction while driving.
  • Pit stops– Stop
    every 2-3 hours so your pet can go to the bathroom and exercise.
  • Hydration– Keep a
    gallon of water on hand to make sure your pet stays hydrated throughout the
    trip. Also, avoid leaving your pet in the car at all costs, temperature levels
    can sky rocket, which can be fatal.
  • Prepare for the worst
    Incase of an emergency; always have your pet’s medical records on hand.

The most important thing you must remember before traveling
with your pet is to check in with your veterinarian. Ask them any questions you
may have and let them advise you on the situation at hand, you can NEVER be too
safe with your pet.  

For more information on how to travel with your pet, visit www.BregmanVetGroup.com or call any
one of our locations. Happy Summer! 

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