A Searing Narrative of Rabies, and the Desperation to Forget It

When thinking about vaccinating your pets, do you ever think
about protecting not just them, but yourself as well? James Gorman, read a
book, “Rabid: A cultural History of the World’s Most Diabolical Virus,”
considering himself a public health hero, for simply vaccinating his dog.  

Gorman read that, “rabies, on its inexorable
death crawl through the nervous system to the brain, can cause sustained erections,
and on rare occasions frequent, and uncontrollable ejaculations in human
males.” Although, in developing countries rabies is not a common disease to
get, in the rest of the world, mainly Africa and Asia, 55,000 people die each
year of rabies. 

People assume rabid dogs are stray, but in Africa, most of
these rabid dogs are owned.  

This ARTICLE goes to show just how important it is
to vaccinate your pets, not only for their own health, but for your own! 

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