Allergies Don’t Just Affect Humans

Spring time is almost gone, and so are those pesky
allergies. The constant sneezing, runny noses and watery eyes really can get to
you thanks to all of the pollen in the air. What is one of the most beautiful
seasons of the year can be the most annoying.
Believe it or not, humans are not the only ones who are
having tough times with allergies. Your pets can get them too. Allergies can
cause your dogs and cats to have itchy skin.
“If you’re real pollen allergic this is probably not the
best place for you to live,” jokes Dr. Marcia Schwassman, a veterinarian in
Central Florida. “I do have clients that I encourage to move to other places
like Colorado. But, I don’t very often get taken up on that offer.”
Florida’s climate is to blame for the environmental triggers
like pollen and mold. But according to Schwassman, she also sees flea-bite
allergies and some food allergies as well.
If necessary, she said she will put animals on a schedule of
allergy vaccine shots to help provide relief. Sometimes, they can use steroids
to eliminate the animal’s suffering but she said that can be harsh on the liver
so it is only recommended in small doses (
Dr. Schwassman has warned against giving your pet
over-the-counter anti-histamines unless you’ve contact your local vet office.
Many of those drugs contain decongestants that can be very dangerous to your
If you feel that your pet has bad allergies, please contact
us at one of the Bregman Vet Hospitals so we can schedule an appointment for
you and get rid of those allergies!

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