Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day!


Do you ever wonder what your cat is thinking?  Today is National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day!  

Cats can exhibit a lot of strange behaviors.  In order to answer your cat’s questions, it’s helpful to have to better understand the reasons behind their behavior.  Here are a few common cat behavior questions to help you gain better insight into what your cat is thinking.

Cat Behavior Questions:

Why Do They Squint Their Eyes? 
When your cat squints their eyes at you, it’s a sign that they’re happy.  Slowly closing their eyes at you is a sign that they trust you.

Why Do You Receive “Presents?”
Nobody wants to find a dead rodent or insect at their feet.   However, many cats insist on sharing their successful hunt with you.  This may mean that your cat is acknowledging that you are part of their family.  Don’t punish your cat for their natural behavior.  Instead, try to keep them indoors.

Why Does Your Cat Chew on Weird Things?
If your cat loves to chew on plastic, carpeting, wiring, or blankets, it could be a sign of anxiety.  This behavior is similar to how we bite our nails.  However, chewing on weird objects could affect your cat’s gums and GI tract.  If you notice your cat exhibits this behavior, bring them into our office.

Why Do They Try to Knead/Massage You?
This is an instinctive behavior.  Kittens move their paws against their mother’s mammary glands to get milk.  If your cat continues to knead as an adult and it becomes problematic, just bring them into our office.

Why Do They Love to Sit in Boxes?
There are probably plenty of comfortable and spacious places for your cat to sleep, but instead they prefer curling up in a tiny box.  Small spaces can help your cat feel more safe and secure.

Read this article or contact our office to gain a better understanding of why your cat exhibits certain behaviors.  If you do experience any persistent behavioral problems, we can help you determine the reason behind your cat’s behavior.

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