Are All Dog Bones Safe For Your Pet?

Let’s face it – dogs love bones. Any time they can get their
mouth on one, they take their bone, run to a quiet place and devour it. But be
careful, because all bones aren’t safe.
Concerns are being raised by veterinarians all over the
country about dogs eating cooked pork bones. These tasty treats (for dog’s, of
course) could injure or even kill your pet.
When dogs eat rawhide bones, the fibers shred easily which
makes it easy to digest. However, when it comes to pork bones, the pieces that
are chewed off are actually sharp shards and can puncture the intestines of
your dog or they can get these pieces lodged inside their body.
“I am an expert,” Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald said, “and in 30
years I’ve seen a lot of problems with this type of food. Many of these sharp
ones can cause perforations or lacerations as they go through.”
Pet stores that sell these pork bones are stating that their
product is safe, but if you have any concerns about them, please contact one of
the doctors at the Bregman Vet Hospital before you let your dog enjoy their

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