Are You Communicating with your Pets?

It may sound silly;
however, do you ever have a difficult time communicating with your furry
friends? Sometimes the way we interact and speak with our friends and family, won’t
always work when it comes to your pup.

Your husband or wife may love
a hug, or your niece may enjoy a head rub. But if you try that with your pets,
you may get a negative reaction.

Here are a few tips, courtesy of, on how to effectively
speak dog!
  • Don’t pat his head: Often times, patting a dog’s head is a threatening
  • Don’t stare a dog in his eyes: Many pet experts don’t recommend
    staring contests with pets.
  • Defuse tension with dog by looking away: Dogs can feel
    aggression. So, looking away from your dog can help ease a tense situation.
  • Approach a dog from the side, not head on: Some dogs that
    are more social will handle being faced head on than a more submissive dog. Approaching
    a dog from the side is always the better option.
  • Get on dog level: If you’re looking to speak with your dog,
    especially a timid dog, squat down and let the dog approach you. Yelling or
    barking orders at the dog from higher up can intimidate a pooch.

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