Therapeutic Laser

Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy

Clinical Benefits
Manage Pain. Reduce Inflammation. Speed Recovery.
The benefits of veterinary laser therapy are relatively new in the veterinary industry. Despite this, veterinarians are quick to adopt the technology as they see a marked improvement in their patient’s quality of life, and most notably in the reduction of pain and swelling and the increase in mobility.
MLS Laser Therapy technology is the most advanced laser therapy system on the market.  Reduction of response times, and therefore overall treatment times, distinguishes MLS Laser Therapy from traditional laser therapy with reciprocal advantages for both the operator and the patient.

10 Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effect
  • Analgesic Effect
  • Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth
  • Improved Vascular Activity
  • Increases Metabolic Activity
  • Stimulation of Trigger Points and Acupuncture Points
  • Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation
  • Improved Nerve Function
  • Immunoregulation
  • Faster Wound Healing
MLS Laser Therapy effectively treats pain associated with:
  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Wounds
  • Post-Surgical Swelling
  • Inflamed Ears
  • Lick Granuloma
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Disc Disease
  • Lameness
  • Sinusitis
  • and much more!
The Most Advanced Veterinary Laser on the Market Today
The Cutting Edge Mphi MLS Laser represents the most advanced veterinary laser on the market today. The technology delivers continuous and pulsated emissions each of which provides advantages that benefit pets in many different ways.
Continuous emission stimulates an anti-inflammatory effect and edema re-absorption, but with secondary analgesic effects.  Pulsated emission has a more intense analgesic action, but the effect on the inflammatory process is reduced.
The Cutting Edge Mphi MLS Therapy is the first laser to incorporate both continuous and pulsed emissions, simultaneously.  Rhythm, perfection of intervals and intensity, and maximum coordination are of the essence.

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11 Fall Pet Dangers to Avoid

Fall is here, and we found this article from our friends at Agway with some dangers for your pets. Below is a list of things you want to make sure your pet avoids this fall.  AntifreezeAllergiesArthritisMushroomsCompost PileRodenticidesCandyThanks...

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Laser Therapy Case Studies, Pain Management in Small Animals, & More

Cutting Edge Laser Technologies is based in Fairport, New York, and is the leading provider of laser technology for medical professionals worldwide.  We receive their monthly newsletter which is filled with great information that we will continue to pass on to our clients.

This month, Cutting Edge has compiled a few articles from other sources that we wanted to share.  The topics this month are-

A cat clinic in Arlington, VA successfully healed two large ulcerated lesions on the ventral abdomen of Fooki, an 8-year-old female Himalayan, using MLS Laser Therapy.  See how the technology was administered to heal the lesions that other treatment methods could not. is a website for veterinarians and veterinary support staff that showcases comprehensive and timely coverage of industry news.  They recently published an article that discussed the evolving research and new technology, such as the growing popularity of laser therapy, which has improved the treatment of pain in cats and dogs. Learn how small animal pain management has evolved and what lies ahead here. is a fantastic website that publishes tons of information useful for veterinarians and pet owners alike.  This article educates veterinarians on learning to recognize animal vocalizations and spending more time with pet owners to improve the treatment of pain in small animals. 

Today's Veterinary Practice is another great source of information in the veterinary industry.  This article introduces Laser Therapy.  For many veterinary practices, laser therapy has become a popular tool for effectively treating pain in small animals.  Here’s an introductory guide to laser therapy, including how it works and its therapeutic benefits.

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Meet Dr. Eric Bregman

The Reunion Veterinary Hospital, owned by the Bregman Veterinary group, opened its doors in July of 2014.  This is the second of a 2-part interview where we introduce the veterinarians who work in our facility.

Dr. Eric Bregman is a resident of Reunion, FL, and one of the 2 main veterinarians at the Reunion Animal Hospital.  He is the son of Dr. Jack Bregman, and is a certified Radiation Officer licensed to administer radioactive iodine to treat feline hyperthyroidism.  We sat down with Eric and asked him a few questions.

Interviewer: Eric, Where are you from originally?
Dr. Eric Bregman: I am from a small town in Upstate NY called Delhi. I grew up on a horse farm there.

Interviewer: Where did you get your degree in veterinary medicine?
Dr. Eric Bregman: I got my degree in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania at the School of Veterinarian Medicine in Philadelphia.

Interviewer: When did you first decide you wanted to work with your father, Dr. Jack Bregman?
Dr. Eric Bregman: I was in my 2nd year of college at the University of Houston and at that time I was contemplating a career in Human Medicine. One day I had an awakening that I wanted to practice Veterinary Medicine like my father. Veterinarian Medicine was a great part of my childhood so it was easy to feel this way and make that decision.

Interviewer: Growing up, what made you want to be a veterinarian?
Dr. Eric Bregman: As a child, when my brother (Dr. Allan Bregman of the Bregman Vet Group) and I had summers off from school, we would spend our time in the clinic working, helping, cleaning cages, handling the animals- whatever we could do to be a part of the clinic. It was a different era where a kid could be in the office and observe what was going on, and it was accepted.

Interviewer: Which Bregman Vet Group location do you mainly work out of?
Dr. Eric Bregman: I mainly work out of the Reunion Animal Hospital in the Ovation Shopping Center on Lake Wilson Road in Davenport, FL.

Interviewer: Have you ever worked at any other Veterinarian Offices before the Bregman Vet Group?
Dr. Eric Bregman: I have, actually. I did a one-year internship in a small animal hospital in Oradell, NJ. It was a large referral specialty hospital. We did emergency medicine, surgery, radiology, and much more. It was a very intense year in a high volume referral hospital which really set the standard for my career. It’s something that I elected to do after veterinary medical school. It’s not required. It made me the doctor I am today. They had fantastic people and wonderful specialists in orthopedics, neurology, and internal medicine. I received 5 years of knowledge and experience during the year I was there.

Interviewer: How many pets do you have?
Dr. Eric Bregman: I have 2 dogs, both Cairn Terriers (Rescue Dogs) – You know, like the dog from the Wizard of OZ.

Interviewer: Out of all the experiences you’ve had practicing veterinary medicine, which is your most memorable?
Dr. Eric Bregman: That’s a tough question. I’ve had many memorable and life changing experiences. I had a client in Long Island whose cat got out of the house and had some type of trauma, probably hit by a car, and had a fractured back leg. While stabilizing the cat we also identified a diaphragmatic hernia. He had a tear in his diaphragm that was allowing his stomach and liver to move into his chest. Our first surgery involved repairing the life threatening hernia, and one week later we went back to surgery and fixed the fractured femur. We were able to return the cat good as new to the owners. That was about 1- years ago and I still see the cat to this day for his annual  visit.

You heard it from Dr. Eric Bregman! Stop by the Reunion Veterinary Hospital or visit for more details on their veterinarian care. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

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Mikey’s Pool Rehab

Say hello to Mikey!  Mikey is a 5 year old Daschund, and a patient at Reunion Veterinary Hospital.  He recently visited us, and upon examination, we found he herniated a disc in his lumbar spine.  Our treatment for Mikey includes therapu...

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The Ledger- Lakeland’s Source For News

Are you a fan of The Ledger?

If you're not from our area, The Ledger is a Lakeland newspaper covering Lakeland, FL news.  It's a great source of information for the latest Crime & Justice News, Classifieds, and the Local Weather.  We get all of their updates through their Twitter Page.

We've recently been following their Pets Section.  It has a great range of information, from Pet Classifieds to Video News to Advice from other professionals.  If you're an animal lover like we are, check it out here!

Here are a few articles that we found there and wanted to share-

Start Training Puppy Early
'When should I bring my new puppy to training classes?" That is one of our most-asked questions. And it is a good one!  Read More

Animals Also Get MRSA Infections
Methicillin Resistant Staphyloccocus aureus, also known as MRSA, has been termed by the press as a "super-bug." This refers to the resistance this bacteria has against several types of common antibiotics, especially those in the penicillin and cephalosporin families.  Read More

Kennel Cough Beyond Kennels
It's a common response heard in many grooming salons when groomers ask owners for their vaccine records and they say. "We don't need the kennel cough vaccination … We never board or kennel our dog."  Read More

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Feline House-Soiling- Useful Information for Cat Owners

The American Association of Feline Practitioners hosts a website called, which provides a ton of great information for cat owners and veterinarians.  Their mission is to improve the health and welfare of cats by supporting high standar...

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Dog & Cat Videos

Have you seen a video of a dog or cat that has gone viral?  We keep an eye out for the best and funniest videos that are popping up around the internet.  Here are a few of our favorites-   Do you have one of your pet?  If so, please...

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The 1st Annual Reunion Awards- Our Version of the Emmys

On Monday, August 25th, the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards will air on NBC at 8PM EST/5PM PDT.  We here at the Reunion Veterinary Hospital are television junkies like the rest of you, so the Emmys is a MUST WATCH for our entire staff.One of the catego...

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