Auto Safety Tips for Your Pet

Your pet is your child, right? So, treat him that way when driving. Here are some auto safety tips for your pet! 
Never leave your pet alone in the car. During the summer months, the inside of your car can reach 102 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes – that’s the amount of time it takes for you to make a quick run into the bank! Even worse, in 30 minutes it can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit, even with cracked windows. This puts your dog and cat at risk for hypothermia. Don’t think the winter months are any better! Your car can act as a refrigerator in cold weather causing an animal to freeze to death. 
Ever see a car driving down the road with a dog’s head out the window? This may look like fun, but in actuality this dog is putting his health in danger. By doing this, a dog’s inner ear can be damaged and expose him to flying debris and lung infections. 
According to a recent article published by Mother Nature Network, approximately 30,000 accidents are caused each year by an unrestrained dog sitting in the front seat (American Automobile Association). Don’t allow your pet to roam in your car – all it takes is a sudden sniff of your ear to distract you from the road, possibly leaving you in an accident. Furthermore, a roaming pet can be thrown violently from a car when you get in an accident or make a sudden stop or sharp turn. Don’t be you or your pet in danger. Put your pet in a well-ventilated crate or carrier when traveling in a car which will limit them from distracting you and protect them in case of an accident. 
 Before embarking on a long road trip with your pet, be sure to include at least one gallon of cold water on your packing list for your pet. Keeping your pet sufficiently hydrated is extremely important on long car rides. Plan on stopping every 2-3 hours to let your pet use the bathroom and get some exercise. Doing so will ensure optimum health for your pet while traveling.
For more information on auto safety for your pet, read thisarticle published by Mother NatureNetwork. If you suspect your pet may have been injured while you were driving, schedule a visit with The Bregman Vet Group. Contact information and locations can be found at

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