Bringing the dog along: Beach Day Edition

The sun is shining, the van is packed and the kids won’t stop kicking and screaming the drivers seat. They say a dog is man’s best friend, but you’re unsure if you can handle the pooch on top of the already hectic environment. Not to fret, bringing the dog along for a beach day doesn’t have to be a hassle – you’ve surely got enough on your plate. Just follow these tips and everyone, dog included, will be taking in some Oceanside rays.

Find a Dog Friendly Beach

It’s important to note that not all beaches allow pets. So, when you have your destination in mind, double check by calling or going online to make sure your little drooling companion is legally able to visit.

Fresh Water, and Plenty of It

Just because Old Yeller spent an hour frolicking in the ocean doesn’t mean he’s hydrated. Make sure you bring along a dish and some fresh water to provide hydration. Salt water, and

Shady Naps

 We all have that one Irish friend who can’t tan. Sure, it’s entertaining to watch as the sun turns him into a lobster by 2 pm, but you don’t want that for your dog. Make sure you have an umbrella or small tent-type shader to provide your mutt shelter from the sun.

Choppy Waves are No Good

Large waves or areas with a lot of boats and jet skis can frighten dogs, so it’s best to stay away. Not to mention, if your dog isn’t the greatest swimmer, you might want to keep them away from heavy wave action.

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