Calming tips

New Year’s Eve is approaching, and with that comes celebration, fun times and fireworks. While all these things can mean a great time for you, it may not be so much fun for your furry friend. Loud noises like fireworks can easily frighten pets, and if your pet falls into that easily frightened category you can take some steps to help prepare them for the noises that are to come. Here are some tips on how you can help your dog with their anxiety when it comes to loud noises.

  1. Stay with your dog. If it is possible, stay home with them. They are likely to be less frightened if you are there than if they were alone. This can be especially important if they are a young dog, as it will allow you to see how they handle the situation. 
  2. Bring them Inside. This will help to keep them at ease, and also can help to avoid them escaping their yard and getting loose in the neighborhood. If you are unable to bring them inside, ensure they have their tags on them to help properly identify them.
  3. Turn the radio or TV on. Try to drown out the sound of what is happening outside. This is also another means of distraction for them. 
  4. Put a shirt or blanket on them. A cover, especially one with a familiar odor can often times help calm them down. It can give them a sense of protection. 
  5. Tire them out. Take them out earlier in the day for a long walk or to the park so they can have some extensive play time. The more tired the dog, the less likely they are to get riled up during the event. 

These are just some simple tips to consider when you are trying to keep your dog calm for the New Year’s celebrations. We hope you find these tips for your dog helpful. Wishing a safe and Happy New Year’s to you and your furry friend(s)!

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