Can Cats Get Stuck in Trees

answer is yes. Cats can get stuck in trees and they can die or become seriously
injured in the process of getting down by themselves. A cat’s claws are not
designed for descending, they are designed for climbing up; unlike a squirrel
who can climb in every direction, a cat needs their head up in order to climb
up, and the only way to get back down would be to go backwards.
FACT: The only cat that can climb down a tree head first is the Margay, or Tree
Ocelot- a rare cat found in the rainforests of Mexico, Central America, and
South America.
why would a cat climb a tree to begin with? She might be chasing or running
from something… She might just be curious! Cats love to climb, and the most
danger comes to indoor cats who have less experience. When panicked, a cat will
likely continue to climb upwards and this is where the danger comes… A cat can
survive for over a week in a tree and even survive a high fall, but if the cat
climbs so high they cannot be heard or seen, they could eventually die of
starvation, dehydration, or from contact with a predator.
should you do?
immediate action if it is a kitten, declawed, an indoor cat, the animal has been
up there for multiple days, the weather forecast is cold, wet, rain, or a
storm, you suspect an injury, the animal is wedged, there is chance of attack
by an animal.
dogs and excitable children away from the area to prevent the cat from getting
nervous and climbing higher. Do your best to keep your pet calm and let them
know you are there by calling their name. You could also try tempting them with
food or treats. This may encourage them to climb down.

If it is unsafe for you to rescue your pet on your own, you should not wait
long to ask for help. Contrary to popular belief, most fire departments do not
perform cat rescues. You might try this directory to find a cat rescuer in your

you cannot find help there, you might call a local tree care company for

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