Canine First Aid Important Training For Police Officers

When police officers are on the job, they face danger and do
the best they can do to save human lives. But whoever thought that they would
need training to save the lives of canines?

The volunteer training gave K-9 handlers from the Oakland
Police Department, the Redwood City Police Department, the Dos Palos Police
Department and other Northern California public safety agencies the chance to
learn emergency medical techniques that could save the lives of the dogs that
serve with them (
Believe it or not, K-9’s have been shot at and exposed to
different types of narcotics while they are on the job. It would be unlikely
that paramedics would be able to assist with canine trauma since their training
and number one priority is to help humans. The training help officers learn
what to do minutes after the canine is hurt, which is a critical time that
could decide whether they survive or not.
The police officers also trained on how to apply splints and
bandages to live dogs and also practiced CPR on dummy dogs with the assistance
of volunteer veterinarians. The officers were also given animal first aid kits
so they would be prepared when out in the field with their canine partners.
Reports were that less than70 handlers attended the
training, but there is a waiting list for the next upcoming session in the
Sacramento area.

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