Caring for a Pregnant Dog

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Do you suspect your dog
might be pregnant?  Congratulations!  Pet pregnancy is an exciting time for many
pet owners.  Here are a few tips to help
you and your dog prepare for your new puppies.

Pregnancy Tips:
  • Schedule a Vet Visit – The first
    thing you should do is visit the vet for a pregnancy test.
      Canine pregnancy tests can show accurate
    results as early as three weeks after fertilization.
  • Lots of Water – Make sure that your
    pet has access to plenty of water.
    should be consuming twice as much water now that she is pregnant.
  • Time Outdoors – You are going to
    have to let your dog outside more often.
    In addition to drinking more water, a mother dog’s bladder gets squeezed
    by all of the puppies.
  • Exercise – Keeping your pet fit
    during the pregnancy will make the birthing and recovery process easier.
  • Rest – Pregnancy can be
      Make sure that your pet has
    a comfortable sleeping area where she can get plenty of rest.
  • Alone Time – It is best to keep your
    pet away from other dogs during her pregnancy, especially male dogs.

Read this article
for more tips on how to care for your pet during pregnancy.  We can also offer several helpful tips at our
office.  Contact Bregman Vet Group for more information
on how to care for a pregnant dog.

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