Tips For Children on How To Safely Interact with Dogs!

Tips For Children on How To Safely Interact with Dogs!

Did you know that of the estimated 800,000 dog bites that occur each year involve children between the ages 5 and 8? TV host and dog trainer Victoria Stilwell from animal planet is offering some tips to children on what they need to know in order to interact safely with dogs!

Not every dog is your friend.
Kids often mistake wagging tails for happiness — and that isn’t always the case, Stilwell says. Help kids recognize when a dog is showing signs of aggression or fear. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( offers photos that illustrate canine body language and tips to avoid dog bites. 

Embrace your inner tree (or rock).

Dogs lose interest when they are ignored, so Stilwell (right) tells children to become a tree, standing still and avoiding eye contact when dogs approach. If kids get knocked to the ground, advise them to roll up like a stone on the ground with knees in and hands behind their neck so they protect vital organs. Practice makes perfect.

Report loose or stray dogs.

If kids see a stray dog during walks to school, remind them to alert an adult. Stilwell says that parents should report loose dogs to animal control immediately. “There are so many irresponsible dog owners out there and these people need to be reported,” she says.

Be careful when walking on a dog’s ‘turf.’

Many owners rely on electric fences or shock collars to keep dogs confined to their own yard. But Stilwell notes that kids and other animals can easily cross those invisible boundaries — and that’s often when the trouble occurs. “Mostly children are bitten on the dog’s territory by a dog that they know,” she says. “It’s rare for a child to be bitten by a dog that comes out of nowhere and bites them.”

Never touch dogs behind a fence.

Tell kids to exercise caution and avoid taunting or exciting dogs behind fences, she says. Remember, that fence may not be too sturdy, and some determined dogs can jump over fences without any trouble.

Taunting dogs is a form of bullying.

“Being kind to animals is much more powerful than teasing, bullying, or being rough or unkind to these creatures,” she says.  “How would you feel if you were teased or bullied or hit?”

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Meet Dr. Jack Bregman

The Reunion Veterinary Hospital, owned by the Bregman Veterinary group, opened its doors in July of 2014.  This week, we will introduce you to the 2 main veterinarians at this facility, Dr. Jack Bregman and Dr. Eric Bregman.

Dr. Jack Bregman opened the first Bregman Vet Group location in 1970, at the Midbrook Animal Hospital on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. 44 years later, Dr. Bregman has expanded his practice to four locations with his two sons, Dr. Eric Bregman and Dr. Allan Bregman.

Interviewer: Good morning, Jack. Where are you originally from?
Dr. Jack Bregman: I’m from Brooklyn, NY – born and raised my whole life.

Interviewer: Where did you receive your degree in veterinary medicine?
Dr. Jack Bregman: I received my degree In Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania. I also have a degree in Pharmacy from Columbia University.
Interviewer: When did you first start the Bregman Vet Group?
Dr. Jack Bregman: I opened the first hospital in 1970. That was Midbrook Animal Hospital.
Interviewer: What made you want to start your own practice?
Dr. Jack Bregman: Well, I had worked for a couple of years and felt that it was time to move on to my own office. I worked at a hospital in Bellmore, NY and felt I gained the experience and knowledge needed to start my own practice. I also enjoy being my own boss, so opening my own practice seemed like a great idea.
Interviewer: It definitely turned out to be a great idea! Which Bregman Vet Group location do you mainly work out of?
Dr. Jack Bregman: Today, I mainly work out of our new facility, the Reunion Veterinary Hospital, in Davenport, FL.
Interviewer: When did you first know you wanted to be a veterinarian?
Dr. Jack Bregman: I never wanted to do anything else. Since I was a little kid that’s all I wanted to do. I have a strong bond and love for all animals.
Interviewer: Have you ever worked at any other Veterinary Offices before starting your own?
Dr. Jack Bregman: Yes, just at the office in Bellmore. I was the 2nd veterinarian there and got all my training in surgery and medicine under a great veterinarian. I felt like I received very good training there. It was such a great experience!
Interviewer: How many pets do you have?
Dr. Jack Bregman: I have 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 horses and 1 mule. We keep the horses and mule on our farm upstate. We used to breed and race horses. At one time, I had between 30-40 horses.
Interviewer: Wow! That sounds like a great experience. Out of all the experiences you’ve had practicing veterinary medicine, which is your most memorable?
Dr. Jack Bregman: Well I can tell you one of the strangest experiences I’ve had. For 20 years I was the Veterinarian for the city of New York and I received a bizarre phone call one day. There were police horses eating in their stable and one of the horses bit the other horse for trying to eat its food. It just so happens that the horse bit the other horse in the tongue. The horse looked like it was in very bad shape by the time I arrived. I sedated the horse and sewed the horses tongue back together. I checked back 2 weeks later and it was all healed. I never expected that to happen. That was about 40 years ago.  Another story is from more recently. I had an instance where a little dog got attacked by a number of Pitbulls. The owners brought the dog in and this small animal was in critical condition. Its intestines and muscles were damaged extensively. After I completed surgery and sewed the dog up, he healed beautifully. I always say the animals make us veterinarians look good. They heal much easier than humans.  Each and every day I get to experience memorable moments by building close relationships with my patients. It’s truly amazing.  Over the years, I’ve had hundreds of instances and encounters with interesting animals and individuals. I’ve worked on animals like boa constrictors to lion cubs and have built strong relationships with each of my patients.  I am very fortunate that I am able to do what I love, which is practice veterinary medicine.
You heard it from Dr. Jack Bregman, founder of the Bregman Vet Group, and one of the head veterinarians at Reunion Animal Hospital.  Later this week we will publish an interview we had with Dr. Eric Bregman.  In the meantime, please visit our website, and make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe Outdoors

Are you and your pet spending some time in the great outdoors this summer?  If so, you and your pet are susceptible to many types of insect bites, some of which could be dangerous.   We surfed around the internet to find some articles that will give you tips on how to prevent insect bites and what you should do if you see signs of an insect bite.

The Ionia Sentinel-Standard had this article titled “How to Identify, Respond to Allergic Reactions, Insect Bites on Pets”.  This article reminded us how important it is to check your pet for ticks, and how you should go about removing them.

The Pet Assure Newsletter posted this article that focuses on dogs, and gives you tips on removing bee stings.  It also shows a list of symptoms that can occur from insect bites.

The AVMA posted an article titled “Disease Precautions for Outdoor Enthusiasts and their Companion Animals”.  It’s a reference guide for outdoor enthusiasts that gives a list of disease precautions for you and your pets.

If you notice your pet may have been bit by an insect but are not sure what to do, feel free to reach out to us.  The Reunion Veterinary Hospital is open 7 days a week, and our staff will give you advice immediately.  For more tips on protecting your pets, follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

Protecting Your Pet During Hurricane Season

As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so the Reunion Veterinary Hospital would like to give you some tips on how to protect yourself and your pets in the event a hurricane is headed to our area.

We found THIS ARTICLE that gives great tips what you should do to protect your pets. Some excerpts-

This pup from Brooklyn was prepared for Hurricane Sandy

– Keep documentation of your pet’s vaccination history in the emergency kit.
– Have a current photograph of your pet in the kit.
– Keep a checklist in the kit of items to pull together when a storm is imminent, including Collars, a Leash, a Carrier, and Medications.
– Have an evacuation strategy”

Another great article we found came from our hometown- www.ABrooklynDogsLife.comThis article may be a few years old, but all of the information is still relevant.

The City of Davenport also has tips on what you can do to be ready for a hurricane. There are a number of Disaster Preparation Links and Important Contact Numbers.

Finally, you can check the website for the National Hurricane Center, which will provide you with the latest information.

We plan on keeping everyone informed in case of emergency by consistently updating our Social Media sites.  Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter!

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