How to Make Your Veterinary Visit Easier For You (And Your Pet)

Veterinary checkups are an important part of preventative healthcare.  They give us the opportunity to catch health problems early on, and ensure that your pet is living the healthiest life that it can. However, we know that your pets don't a...

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How to Celebrate a Pet-Friendly Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner!  Are you planning a Halloween party this year?  Be sure to celebrate a pet-friendly holiday by keeping these safety tips in mind.Halloween Pet Safety:Keep Halloween Candy Hidden - Many Halloween cand...

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How to Own a Pet Even Though You Have Allergies

Allergies are tough.  Itchy, watery eyes and congestion can be hard on any pet lover.  If you or a family member suffers from pet-related allergies, there are ways to help make breathing easy.  With a few changes to your home, you can en...

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How to Introduce Kids to Your Dog

How to Introduce Kids to Your DogREUNION VETERINARY HOSPITAL, PLLCwww.ReunionVetHospital.comWhile dogs are a loving part of our families, it's important that young children understand how to interact with them safely.  Even a gentle pet can bite i...

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How to Include Your Pet In Your Wedding

How to Include Your Pet In Your WeddingREUNION VETERINARY HOSPITAL, PLLCwww.ReunionVetHospital.comIt's wedding season!  Are you making plans to include all of your loved ones in your celebration?  Your day wouldn't be complete without your fu...

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Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Pet Happy & Healthy This 4th of July!

Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Pet Happy & Healthy This 4th of July!

The Fourth of July is a time when the entire family gets together around the grill. The perfect time to share stories and food in the comfort of your own backyard; but perhaps it isn't exactly safe to include your four legged friend in on the festivities. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center cautions that the holiday food can in fact be potentially dangerous for your fury loved ones; here are the following tips to keep your pet safe.
Beware of the Piña Coladas: Alcoholic beverages pose a potential risk to your pets if consumed. They can lead your friend to depression or a possible coma. Death from respiratory failure is also a posing threat in the worst case scenarios.
Do not share your insect repellent or sunscreen: The consumption of sunscreen products and insect repellent may lead to drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme thirst and complete lack of energy. Any insect repellent that contains DEET is said to leave neurological problems
Never let them help light the grill: Some brands of matches contain certain substances that are poisonous for your loved one. Chlorates can possibly harm your pets blood cells that lead to difficulty breathing, possibly Kidney disease in the worst case scenario. Lighter fluid, whether ingested or inhaled can lead to many health problems such as: gastrointestinal irritation, depression in the central nervous system, aspiration pneumonia and the development of breathing problems.
Everyone should keep an eye on what they eat: Remember that they are family but cannot eat everything you eat. Certain foods like onions, chocolate, coffee, avocado, grapes, raisins, salt and yeast dough can be toxic for all animals. As their owner, you should be especially careful if your pet is not as young as they used to be; older pets have harder times with digestion and more nutritional requirements.
Be on the lookout for glow sticks: Glow sticks can be a fun additional accessory for every party but not so much for your pet. If consumed you're looking at the possibility of gastrointestinal irritation, excessive drooling and even intestinal blockage from swallowing the plastic container. Lets keep an eye on what is in their reach, especially if you have a curious friend.
Citronella candles, insect coils and oil products are as harmful as they are useful: Consumption of any of these products could lead to more gastrointestinal irritation and depression in the central nervous system. If they inhale the oils, you could be looking at aspiration pneumonia for your loved one.
Keep them away from the fireworks!: We all know what exposure to any lit fireworks can do but even toxic substances in the unlit ones can cause harm; potassium nitrate, arsenic and other heavy metals are potentially fatally dangerous if exposed to your pet.
Even the festive firework displays are a nuisance: Make sure they are in the house, where they can fully be protected from the noise that's going on outside. Keeping your pet safe is going to be easy this Fourth of July as long as you are an educated owner. 

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Are You Ready To Bring a Pet Home?

When people think about bringing an animal into their home to live with them, there is always a risk that this animal can bring sickness or disease.  Without the proper precautions animals can bring germs that can spread to humans, particularly ch...

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The Ledger- Lakeland’s Source For News

Are you a fan of The Ledger?

If you're not from our area, The Ledger is a Lakeland newspaper covering Lakeland, FL news.  It's a great source of information for the latest Crime & Justice News, Classifieds, and the Local Weather.  We get all of their updates through their Twitter Page.

We've recently been following their Pets Section.  It has a great range of information, from Pet Classifieds to Video News to Advice from other professionals.  If you're an animal lover like we are, check it out here!

Here are a few articles that we found there and wanted to share-

Start Training Puppy Early
'When should I bring my new puppy to training classes?" That is one of our most-asked questions. And it is a good one!  Read More

Animals Also Get MRSA Infections
Methicillin Resistant Staphyloccocus aureus, also known as MRSA, has been termed by the press as a "super-bug." This refers to the resistance this bacteria has against several types of common antibiotics, especially those in the penicillin and cephalosporin families.  Read More

Kennel Cough Beyond Kennels
It's a common response heard in many grooming salons when groomers ask owners for their vaccine records and they say. "We don't need the kennel cough vaccination … We never board or kennel our dog."  Read More

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