How to Make Your Veterinary Visit Easier For You (And Your Pet)

Veterinary checkups are an important part of preventative healthcare.  They give us the opportunity to catch health problems early on, and ensure that your pet is living the healthiest life that it can. However, we know that your pets don't a...

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New Year Resolutions For Your Pets

Have you thought about your New Year's resolutions?  There is no better time to commit to improving your pet care than the new year.  Here are a few resolutions that will help keep your pet healthy through 2016!Resolutions for Pets:Measure Pe...

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Giving A Pet As A Gift

Thinking of giving a pet as a gift this holiday season?  While pets can be rewarding, you also want to make sure the recipient is prepared!  Before jumping to a decision, there are a few things you should consider.Things to Consider:Picking t...

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How to Own a Pet Even Though You Have Allergies

Allergies are tough.  Itchy, watery eyes and congestion can be hard on any pet lover.  If you or a family member suffers from pet-related allergies, there are ways to help make breathing easy.  With a few changes to your home, you can en...

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Why Is It Important to Microchip Your Pet?

Why Is It Important to Microchip Your Pet?REUNION VETERINARY HOSPITAL, PLLC www.ReunionVetHospital.comMicrochips are one of the best ways to ensure your pet returns safely home in the unfortunate event they become lost.  This small piece...

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Tips For Children on How To Safely Interact with Dogs!

Tips For Children on How To Safely Interact with Dogs!

Did you know that of the estimated 800,000 dog bites that occur each year involve children between the ages 5 and 8? TV host and dog trainer Victoria Stilwell from animal planet is offering some tips to children on what they need to know in order to interact safely with dogs!

Not every dog is your friend.
Kids often mistake wagging tails for happiness — and that isn’t always the case, Stilwell says. Help kids recognize when a dog is showing signs of aggression or fear. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( offers photos that illustrate canine body language and tips to avoid dog bites. 

Embrace your inner tree (or rock).

Dogs lose interest when they are ignored, so Stilwell (right) tells children to become a tree, standing still and avoiding eye contact when dogs approach. If kids get knocked to the ground, advise them to roll up like a stone on the ground with knees in and hands behind their neck so they protect vital organs. Practice makes perfect.

Report loose or stray dogs.

If kids see a stray dog during walks to school, remind them to alert an adult. Stilwell says that parents should report loose dogs to animal control immediately. “There are so many irresponsible dog owners out there and these people need to be reported,” she says.

Be careful when walking on a dog’s ‘turf.’

Many owners rely on electric fences or shock collars to keep dogs confined to their own yard. But Stilwell notes that kids and other animals can easily cross those invisible boundaries — and that’s often when the trouble occurs. “Mostly children are bitten on the dog’s territory by a dog that they know,” she says. “It’s rare for a child to be bitten by a dog that comes out of nowhere and bites them.”

Never touch dogs behind a fence.

Tell kids to exercise caution and avoid taunting or exciting dogs behind fences, she says. Remember, that fence may not be too sturdy, and some determined dogs can jump over fences without any trouble.

Taunting dogs is a form of bullying.

“Being kind to animals is much more powerful than teasing, bullying, or being rough or unkind to these creatures,” she says.  “How would you feel if you were teased or bullied or hit?”

Do you find these tips useful? Let us know if you have any additional tips on our Facebook page, linked HERE

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Keep Your Pets Active This Year!

A New Year is the perfect time to make new goals for you and your pets.  Here are a few tips to help your pets stay healthy throughout 2015.Health Tips for 2015:Provide Plenty of Exercise - Dogs and cats need exercise to stay fit.  Go on a wa...

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Pet Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner.  Did you pick out a costume yet?  More importantly, did you choose one for your pet?We scoured Pinterest to find the best pet costumes and give you some suggestions.  If you dress your pet up, please...

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The Reunion Veterinary Hospital Celebrates a Pet Friendly Halloween

Halloween Safety Tips from Reunion Veterinary HospitalHalloween is right around the corner.  As you and your kids get ready for the festivities, don't forget to keep your pets in mind!  These Halloween safety tips can help make sure your whol...

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World Rabies Day is September 28th

This Sunday, September 28th is World Rabies Day!  It is a day created by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control group and is recognized by over 150 nations.  The goal of World rabies day is to promote information on rabies control and reduce the amount of rabies cases by maintaining proper animal vaccination and control, as well as providing access to the necessary medical care for those infected. 

“Rabies is completely preventable.  We want people to understand the importance of vaccinating against the disease,” said Dr. Leon Russell, a professor in the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences.  Even with treatment available, more than 55,000 people per year die from a rabies bite worldwide.  Rabies can be contracted from dogs and cats to skunks and raccoons. 

In addition, Russell recommends that owners should take the necessary precautions and pets should always be routinely vaccinated against rabies.

If your pet is in need of vaccination, or treatment please contact us at the Reunion Veterinary Hospital for the best services!  Visit us at for more information. Also, visit our Facebook page, linked HERE

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