Cats Being Cats

Domesticated or Wild,
Cats Have A Lot in Common
Have you
ever looked at your fuzzy lil’ kitten and thought “if she was slightly larger,
I bet she’d be Queen of the Jungle?” You have!? Well, so have I. Let’s be

But first, lets find out how domesticated and wild cats are similar.

Lions and
Tigers won’t cuddle up and purr like Miss Purrfect, you’re adorable Maine Coon
with a penchant for climbing the Christmas tree, but a puma would. That’s
right, Puma’s are known for more than just their speed.
9. Scent
When your
cat rubs up against you and wiggles his or her tail, they aren’t always looking
for attention. It’s a sign of scent marking. You may pay the rent, but it’s
Mittens’, the 10-year-old Siamese, territory now.
Sharpening Their Claws
It’s just
another instance of marking their territory. While the large cats of the
wilderness aren’t directly responsible for your need to replace yet another
recliner, know they’ve influenced it a bit.
7. Go To
Bed, Miss Purrfect
Wild cats
like to hunt at night – it gives them an advantage. Domesticated cats? They
like to run in circles upstairs and keep you awake.
6.  Hunting
cats bring you tiny bird. Jaguars, on the other hand, well, don’t ever stray from
a guided safari tour.
5. Number
of Toes
All cats,
domesticated and wild, have four toes on their hind feet and five toes on their
front feet.
4. Put
Your Claws Away
are the only type of cat that doesn’t have retractable claws.
3. Meats,
Meats, Meats
All cats
are carnivores. So while you’re cutting meat out of your diet, don’t do the
same for loveable Miss Purrfect.
Within the
cell of each cat, sans the Geoffreys Cat and the Ocelot, there are 38
Purfect has a majestic stride as she chases after an unsuspecting spider, and
her speed and agility are influenced by her elders of the wild.

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