Celebrate National Black Cat Day!


Black cats have long been an object of superstition — especially around Halloween.  Some people consider black cats to be a symbol of bad luck, often associated with witchcraft.  

However, cat owners know this isn’t true!  Black cats can be unique and elegant in appearance.  They’re a great addition to any family.  On National Black Cat Day, we remind pet owners to pay a little extra attention to their feline friends and celebrate just how beautiful they are!

History of Black Cat Superstitions:
The folklore behind black cats varies from culture to culture.  However, in Western history, black cats have been looked upon as a symbol of evil omens.  They are often associated with witchcraft and sorcery.  

Dating back to the Pilgrims in Plymouth colony, it became a practice to rid the colony of black cats in an effort to protect the home.  They thought that black cats could change into human shape.   People include black cats as a symbol of Halloween in an effort to add a frightful aspect to their decor.

How to celebrate National Black Cat Day!

  • Make Your Cat Feel Special – If you already have a cat (especially a black cat), make sure they get some extra love today.  Buy your cat a new toy or a treat after spending an afternoon playing with them.
  • Adopt a Cat – If you have been thinking about getting a cat and your family is ready for a new addition, it might be a good time to consider welcoming a new feline into your life.  Black cats are often overlooked in shelters and aren’t adopted as frequently as other cat breeds.
  • Make a Donation – If you can’t adopt or own a cat, consider making a small donation to a local animal shelter.  Local shelters play a big role in helping keep cats off of the streets and placing them with a family.

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