Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day

It’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day!  

Will you be celebrating with your furry friends?  Before you dress up your pets – remember that not all pets like to dress up.  Here are a few things to keep in mind before dressing up your pet today.

Dress Up Safety Tips:
  • Keep Identification Visible – Make sure that your dog or cat’s identification tags are still secure and visible when dressing up your pet.  In the unfortunate even that they get loose, you’ll still be able to identify your pet with these tags.
  • Give Them Full Range of Motion – Make sure that your costume isn’t restrictive.  Your pet should be able to move freely in their costume.  This means that they are able to eat, drink, and go to the bathroom without any difficulty.
  • Look Out for Signs of Discomfort – Keep an eye on your pet while they are dressed up.  If you notice that they become uncomfortable or irritable, it’s time to take the costume off.  

However, if your pet doesn’t mind dressing up, a few extra layers could be a great way to stay warm on a cold day!  Dress up is also a great way to make your pet the center of attention and show them some extra love.  

Just remember, every pet is different.  Your pets safety always comes first!

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