Celebrate National Mutt Day!


It’s National Mutt Day!  Today, we celebrate all of the mixed breeds dogs in our lives!

Why do we celebrate National Mutt Day?
National Mutt Day was founded to raise awareness of mixed breed dogs in shelters.  Unfortunately, due to the desire of designer dogs and pure bred puppies, many mutts are left in shelters.

If you have a mutt in your family, celebrate by showing your pet some extra love today!  Or – if you’re looking to adopt a new pet for the holidays, consider adopting a mixed breed dog from a local shelter.

Here are a few reasons to adopt a mutt this year:

  • They’re Unique!  Since your dog is a mix of two or more breeds, they will look different from other dogs of even similar mixes.
  • They’re Affordable.  Instead of spending a lot of money on a pure bred dog, you can adopt a mixed breed dog from a local shelter.
  • They Have Lower Health Risks.  In some cases, mixed breeds are at a lower risk of disease.  Many purebred dogs suffer from genetic diseases.

Looking to give back for the holiday season?  Visit a local shelter and adopt a mixed breed into your home.  

We can help make sure that your new pet is healthy and happy for the rest of it’s life.  Feel free to contact any of our Brooklyn or Long Island offices for more information on pet care.

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