Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Month (Even Though It’s Cold Out)


While the cold winter month of January might seem like an inopportune time for an outdoor walk, it’s important to provide your pup with exercise year-round!  This January, we remind pet owners that it’s important to brave the winter weather (safely) and give your pets the exercise and fresh air they need.

These tips will help you overcome the challenge of winter walks – so that your pets can stay healthy through the cold months to come.

Winter Dog Walking Tips:
  • Keep Their Nails Trim – Trimming your pup’s nails is an important part of their health care.  If their nails are too long, they’ll have a hard time walking on the ground (especially if it’s icy). 
  • Protect Their Paws – If it’s cold outside for you, it’s cold outside for your pet, too.  Protect their feet from the cold, snow, ice and salt.  You can even put dog boots on your pet!  Just remember to always wipe down your pet’s feet when you come back indoors.  Many de-icing salts are dangerous if ingested when your dog licks their feet.
  • Break the Pulling Habit – You don’t want your dog to pull you while you’re on an outdoor walk.  Your dog might unknowingly pull you onto ice, risking a slip and fall.  Train your dog to stay by your side, rather than pull at the leash.
  • Keep Your Pet’s Breed In Mind – While some dogs love the cold, others don’t have the same coat.  Keep your dog’s breed in mind and whether or not they have hair that will keep them warm on a cold day.
Visit one of our veterinary practices below if you have an questions about how to safely walk your dog this winter, or if you have any questions about how you 
can improve your pet’s overall health and wellness.

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