Change a Pet’s Life

Today, January 24, is Change a pet’s life day. This day is celebrated to help raise awareness and encourage the adoption of animals in need. Even if you are unable to adopt, there are a number of other ways that you can help make their life better, and below are some additional ways that you can help them out.

Foster or Adopt

Fostering is a great to help shelters and other dogs out, as it can allow other dogs additional help by freeing up resources at the shelter. This in turn can allow them the care and attention so they have a better chance of finding their forever home. If you want to go make an even bigger impact, adoption would be the next step after fostering.


If you are unable to foster or adopt, another option to consider would be sponsoring. Many shelters/rescues allow individuals to sponsor specific dogs/cats. This is a great way to change a pet’s life for the better if you are unable to foster or adopt one currently.

Donate Your Time

Volunteering time is always a great way to help change a pets life. Shelters can always use the additional help when it comes to walking dogs or providing attention and care. It also allows dogs to get the necessary socialization as well, which can help them come adoption time. This can make a huge difference in a pet’s life.

Spread the word

Help spread the word of adoptable dogs by using your personal and social media channels. Simply sharing about dogs in need and that are adoptable can help them out. This is a quick and easy way to help change a pet’s life by simply clicking “share”.

Raise Awareness

Help raise awareness by checking out your local shelters for upcoming events. See if you can volunteer or help by raising awareness for what is needed at the shelter. Use this as an opportunity to get together with others and help a great cause while also changing a pet’s life


Operating a shelter can cost a significant amount of money, and most are operated as non-profits. By making a charitable donation you can help ensure animals get the food, care, and other necessities they need to be healthy and ensure they make their way to a caring forever home.

Make changes

You can also make changes in your cat or dog’s life too. Try changing things up for them by adding a new exercise routine, making homemade treats or even spending more quality time with them.

On a day like today, simply taking the time to help change a dog or cat’s life for the better, it will also change your own life for the better as well.

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