Cold Weather Tips for Pets


With a
winter storm hitting Long Island today, and another one scheduled to sweep the
area this weekend, there is no better time to brush up on your pet safety tips.
We want to ensure your furry friends are safe from the cold winter weather.
It’s important to remember that with the extremes of winter weather come unique
dangers and concerns for our pets.

So, how
exactly can a pet owner best prepare for the snowstorm? Here are a few tips,
courtesy of the Nassau County SPCA.

Bring your pets indoors At
a first sign of a storm you should always bring any outdoor pets indoors to keep them warm.

Keep your dog on leash – More dogs get lost in winter than any other
season because it’s so easy for them to lose their sense and perspective during
a snowstorm. Keep them on a leash or go to a fenced-in dog area.

Ice, salt and snow – If you pet has to go out in this snowstorm,
have them wear a coat or boots to cover their paws. Outside your pet can step
in all sorts of things including snow, salt, sleet or mud. Booties will keep
their paws dry and will cut down any infections they might catch outside.

Food and medicine – Have a supply of pet food and medicine
before it gets too dangerous to travel. Keep emergency pet kits ready incase something
worst happens.

Nassau County SPCA’s main rule is “if the conditions outside are unsafe for
humans, they too are also unsafe for pets!” We agree! Let us know how you keep
your pets safe during the winter on our Facebook page.

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