Cold Weather Tips


The winter cold has taken a turn for the worse, making it almost unbearable to be outdoors.  Your pets need protection during such harsh winter conditions.

Help keep them safe with these tips:

1. Bring your pet inside.  Low temperatures, combined with a wind chill make the outdoors an unsafe place for your pet to be.  
2: Coats and boots are for everyone.  Dressing your pet in boots is especially important when there is rock salt on the ground, which is toxic to animals.  Coats are also great for dogs who are low to the ground and prone to getting their fur wet.
3: Dry off your wet pets.  Being wet makes your pet colder.  Dry off their fur immediately upon entering the house.
4: Provide plenty of food and water.  The body burns more energy in the winter months as it tries to regulate its temperature.  Your pet will need additional calories and water to stay energized and hydrated.  
5: Too much heat is no good.  Just as it can be too cold outside, it can also be too hot inside.  Space heaters can burn your pet so it is important to keep all heat sources out of their reach.
6: Groom your pet regularly.  Well groomed coats keep your pet insulated, making it imperative to maintain grooming routines.  
7: Talk to your vet.  Older pets can develop arthritis which worsens in cold weather.  Keep them pain free with anti-inflammatory medication prescribed by your veterinarian.  
For more tips on how to keep your pet safe during the harsh winter months, click here.
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