Combine Blood Test with Vaccine for Cat’s Safety!

Many people get their cats vaccinated for the leukemia
virus, distemper and rabies. However, many people don’t understand the reason
to test the blood for the virus after. 
Even if your cat stays indoors a majority of the year, it’s still
important to both vaccinate and test. 
The blood test suggested to check for leukemia also tests for FIV a very
similar virus that cats can contract from other cats while outdoors. 

Both viruses can be quite problematic and
eventually fatal for felines.  There is
no known vaccination for FIV, and the blood test only comes as a combination
test, which makes it essential, because if the cat has either virus it can
easily spread it and should be kept indoors. 
If the cat does not get out of the house much it should be tested once
every two years, but conform your decision to your cat’s specific situation
based on how often they come in contact with other cats and the amount of time
they spend outdoors.  

Keep in mind that
cats that leave the house less frequently are not exposed to as much pathogens
as other cats and are likely to live longer healthier lives! 

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