Common Cat Care Myths


There are many
misconceptions when it comes to caring your cat’s health.  This can make it difficult to make sure that
your cats are getting the health care they need to live a long and happy
life.  Are you aware of these common cat
Cat Myths:
  • Cats Don’t Need Annual Exams – Cats
    are very good at hiding their illness.
    While your cat may not be exhibiting any unusual symptoms, routine
    examinations can check for medical problems before they become a serious problem
    for your pet.
  • Indoor Cats Don’t Need Vaccines – Infectious
    diseases can be carried on your clothes and shoes or spread through an open
    window or screen door.
      While indoor cats
    may require fewer vaccines, it’s still important that they are protected.
  • Indoor Cats Don’t Get Parasites –
    Just because your cat doesn’t go outside doesn’t mean they are immune to
      We encourage you to bring
    your pet in for a parasitic screening test.
  • Indoor Cats Don’t Need Microchips –
    Even indoor cats can sneak out an open door or window.
      Microchips are a great way to make it easy to
    identify your pet in an emergency.
  • Cats Don’t Need Exercise – All animals,
    even your cat, can benefit from exercise!
    It’s a great way to prevent obesity and keep your pet healthy.

For more cat myths and
how to keep your pet happy and healthy, check out this
You can also contact our office with any questions you have regarding
your cats health.

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