Common Pet Pain Signals

You always want to make
sure that your pet is happy and well cared for. 
Since dogs don’t show pain in the same way that we do, it’s important to
be able to recognize when they aren’t feeling well.  Here are a few tips to help you identify
common signs that your dog is in pain.
Common Pain Signals:

  • Heavy Breathing – Panting is normal
    for dogs.
      However, if they are panting
    for no apparent reason, it could be a sign that your pet is in pain.
  • Licking and Biting – If your dog is
    licking or biting a specific area, they may be doing so because they are in
      Dogs have a tendency to lick or
    bite and broken nails, wounds, irritated paw pads and tumors under the skin.
  • Loss of Appetite – Has your dog been
    eating lately?
      If your pet is refusing
    to eat, they may be in pain.
      Your dog
    might not want to bend over to eat from its food bowl if it is causing pain.
  • Limping – It seems obvious, but
    limping is a sign of arthritis, a pulled muscle, ligament damage, back injury,
    neck injury, stiff joints, or broken bones.
  • Drooling – Certain dog breeds have
    more of a tendency to drool than others.
    However, if your dog is experiencing excessive drooling for their breed,
    it could be a sign that they are having stomach pain or nausea.
  • Behavior Changes – Is your dog
    acting more aggressively?
      Does your pet
    seem sad and depressed?
      Any abnormal
    behavior could mean that your pet is in pain.

Learn more about common pet pain signals here.  Remember, if you think that your pet is
experiencing any of these common pain symptoms, visit Bregman Vet Group.  Our experienced veterinarians can determine
if your pet is experiencing any health issues. 
We can help provide your pet with the care they need for a speedy

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