Coping With The Loss Of A Pet

Some pets can be either your best friend or like a child
that doesn’t talk back. They love to see you when you get home and they want to
play with you all the time – just like your son or daughter. But when that time
comes for your pet to move on to a different phase in life, it isn’t the
easiest thing to get over.
Here are some tips that can help ease you through the
process of mourning when your pet passes on.
Try to
maintain a normal routine
– You would normally wake up early and walk your
pet outside. Try to stay physically active so that your health doesn’t become a
concern as well as your emotions.
Hold a
farewell ceremony
– Dedicate some time to say goodbye and decide on how to
dispose of your pet’s remains. Some people may keep their pet’s ashes if they
are cremated, and that is the decision of the pet owners. Make sure you have
that special place set aside so you can visit on a regular basis.
keep photos and videos
– This is a great way to remember the good times that
you had with your pet. Having pictures from when they were very young to
growing older is a great reminder of how big they got and their progression
through the years.
the grief of others and other pets in the household
– Everyone takes death
a different way. Be honest with your child about what happened and let them
know that they aren’t in pain any longer. Make sure to love your other pets and
show them affection as they could be saddened that their playing partner is no
longer around.
Finding a
replacement pet
– Make sure to take your time and make the right decision
about getting a new pet. Trying to find a replacement as a distraction is not a
good idea and can actually make the grieving process worse (
Find a
support group
– There are groups around that are there to support you as
they have gone through similar scenarios. Do some research and choose whichever
one you are comfortable with.
If you have any questions about your pet’s health and need
us to do an examination, give us a call at one of the Bregman Vet Group Hospitals and
we will assist you in the best way possible.

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