Creating a Feline-Friendly Vet Visit

Is your cat due for a visit to the vet?  Annual exams are an important part of caring
for your pet’s health, but many cats find vet visits to be overwhelming.  Here are a few tips to help make your vet
visit stress-free for you and your cat.
Cat Vet Tips:
  • Use a Carrier – Cat carriers help
    your pet feel safe and prevent accidental escapes on the way to the vet.
      Make sure your cat is comfortable with the carrier
    a few days beforehand by leaving treats, toys, and food inside.
  • Keep Carrier Covered – While moving
    from your home to the vet, keep the carrier covered with a sheet or towel.
      This will help your cat feel safe and secure.
  • Provide Treats – If your cat is
    healthy, offer a treat to help teach your pet that the vet is a positive place
    to be.
  • Practice – Practice some of the
    things that your vet will do when you are at home.
       Always pair this with something positive to
    help your cat feel comfortable both at home and when they visit the office for
    an exam.
  • Visit a Cat-Friendly Vet – Bregman
    Vet Group offers feline-friendly practices.
    Our practices are quiet, peaceful, and stress-free for your pet.

For more tips on how to provide your pet with a
stress-free vet visit, check out
this article.  You can also visit the Long Island Cat
Hospital or 5
th Avenue Cat Clinic for feline-friendly veterinary
  Contact Bregman Vet Group with any
questions you have regarding your cat’s health.

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