Dangerous Holiday Plants

The tree is up, the stockings and mistletoe are hung and the
Poinsettias adorn the entry way. The holidays are off to their usual start, but
did you know if you have pets that some of those traditionally used plants for
decorating can be toxic? As beautiful as they are to have, care should be taken
if you have pets to ensure they do not chew upon or consume them. If your furry
friend tends to have a gnawing or chewing habit, here is a short list of plants
and what can occur if they get ahold of them.
  1. Mistletoe. Can cause vomiting and depression
    after eating.
  2. Jerusalem Cherry. Leaves and fruit are
      Can cause vomiting and nausea
    depending on amount consumed along with seizures.
  3. Poinsettia. With dogs can cause vomiting and
    diarrhea, in cats excessive drooling.
  4. Christmas Cactus. Can cause mild vomiting and
    diarrhea if eaten.
  5.  Lilies and Daffodils. Can cause stomach issues,
    convulsions and arrhythmia.
  6.  Christmas tree. The oils can be irritating to
    mouth and stomach causing excess drooling and vomiting. Needles can cause
    stomach problems, obstructions and puncture. In addition, the water used for
    the tree can also be harmful as it can hold fertilizer, bacteria and mold
    causing extreme sickness.

Remember that symptoms can vary depending on the size of
your pet and the amount they have consumed.  While it is great to decorate with these
items, be careful with the locations you choose and the accessibility to them,
especially if you have cats. If you found your furry friend has consumed any of
these, contact your Vet immediately to see what you can do to minimize damage!

ASPCA Poison Control Center

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