When you open your home and heart to a pet, you set up a special care dynamic. Your pet will depend on you for food, shelter, and care. But, in return, you get unconditional love. That’s a fair deal by any standard!

Part of that care is ensuring that your pet is up to date on their vaccines. It also means putting a wellness plan in place to help them live a long and healthy life with you.

That care can start with a wellness exam at the Bregman Veterinary Group. We offer a full range of veterinary services backed up by the latest cutting-edge veterinary care available today. 

Experience Matters

When your dog or cat needs care, you want to know they are in good hands. The Bregman Veterinary Group brings over 30 years of combined veterinary experience to each of our patients.

It is not just one veterinarian in Davenport, Florida, who will be helping with your veterinary care but an entire team. Our support staff strives to provide the very best care for all breeds of dogs and cats. That care starts with the puppies and kittens and goes through all stages of your pet’s growth and development.


Digital X-Rays Service

It would be great if our cats and dogs ate only from their bowls. But, unfortunately, nearly all cats and dogs, sooner or later, will eat something they shouldn’t. When that happens, it could trigger abdominal discomfort or a blockage. Unfortunately, the only way to diagnose that situation is with a digital x-ray.

The digital x-rays we deploy in our clinic provide readable results in under a minute. Those results are instantly emailed to a certified veterinarian radiologist to confirm a diagnosis and make treatment recommendations.

Because digital x-rays are all computerized, no chemicals are used in the development process. That makes this approach to radiology as environmentally friendly as possible.

Whether you’re a dog or cat person (or both!), you want the best for your pet. Consistent wellness exams can keep your pet on a healthy path. They can also identify any emerging issue where early intervention is crucial.

The Bregman Veterinary Group is proud to provide exceptional care for all our patients. When you need a supportive and experienced veterinarian in Davenport, Florida, look no further than the Bregman Veterinary Group.


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