Dental Health and Your Pet

Dental health is not
only important for humans, but pets as well. A pet should have its teeth and
gums checked annually to ensure a healthy mouth and help detect any problems
early. Dental problems if left untreated may cause health issues for your pet. Some
of the most common dental problems are very similar to people’s and include
cavities, tissue inflammation and gum disease.

Brushing your pet’s teeth

Brushing your pet’s
teeth may not be easy, but is a great way to help ensure the health of their
teeth, gums and mouth. Regular brushings can help prevent many of the common
oral issues a pet will encounter. This in turn could also help reduce trips to
the vet down the road for dental problems. Not only does brushing help keep a
pet’s teeth healthy, but the proper diet (more dry food, less wet) and treats
formulated to help with dental health are also very beneficial.   


It is important to have your pet’s teeth checked annually.
This allows for early detection of a possible problem along with keeping your
pet healthy.  Your pet should have its
teeth checked sooner if you notice problems such as:
Bad breath
Discoloring of teeth, or excessive tartar
Pain around the mouth area
Bleeding from mouth
Broken/loose teeth
Extra teeth
Unusual chewing, drooling or mouth drooping
Refusing to eat, or reduced appetite
Swelling around mouth area

Veterinarian Dental Exam

When you take your
pet to the veterinarian for their dental exam, it will begin with an oral examination
of the pet’s teeth and gums. If needed, x-rays may be taken to help further
evaluate the tooth structure unable to be seen. A thorough cleaning will then
take place, and this is generally done under anesthesia to help minimize stress
and ensure the safety of the pet and veterinarian. The cleaning includes
similar procedures a person would experience including scaling (scraping off of
tartar) followed up by polishing of the teeth.  
If you are unsure on the proper way to take care of your
pet’s teeth, talk with your veterinarian. 
They can help instruct you on how to properly brush your
pet’s teeth along with offering recommendations on dental products, foods and
treats. Happy Brushing!

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