Dental X-Rays May Help Bad Breath in Cats

Many times, we’ve heard of the common “bad breath” in dog’s issue. Now, cat’s are becoming known for the same problem…

According to Dr. John, bad breath can be a sign of bad oral health affecting the teeth or gums, but animals can also have gum disease without having bad breath.
“Frequent brushing helps reduce the incidence of decay and problems, but it is not a panacea,” said Dr. John (Boston Herald).  He continued, “Veterinary medicine continues to become far more sophisticated and the ability to do dental X-rays is rapidly becoming the right thing to do because it allows a veterinarian to assess the roots of the teeth as well as the tooth itself looking for decay, resorption and other abnormalities.”
Dental health can also be genetic. Some pets are prone to quick tooth decay and the production of teeth staining and tartar.
If you have any questions about your pet’s teeth and bad breath, please contact us at The Bregman Vet Group at one of our many pet hospitals.
Don’t forget that February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Keep your pets healthy!

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