Diabetes and Your Pet: Risk Factors, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Management

With November being National Diabetes Awareness month, it’s the perfect time to talk about your pet and diabetes. Diabetes is a growing epidemic for humans and is a commonly diagnosed disease in dogs and cats.  
A recent article published by MyFoxHouseton.com mentioned risk factors, symptoms and management of a pet with diabetes. The following information has been pulled from the article “Diabetes and Your Pet,” linked HERE
Risk factors for developing diabetes include obesity, genetic background, and a history of pancreatic illness. Most dogs and cats are middle aged (>4 years old) at the time of diagnosis. Female dogs are twice as likely to develop the disease as male dogs. 
Symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, increased urination, increased appetite, weight loss, lethargy, and a dull hair coat. If your pet develops any of these symptoms, contact The Bregman Vet Group to schedule a visit for your furry friend. 
Diabetes can be diagnosed by simple testing including a blood sugar check and urine evaluation. Management of the disease typically consists of diet control, exercise and insulin therapy. Cats can sometimes be managed by diet and weight loss alone, without the use of insulin. 
If your pet is diagnosed with diabetes, it is important to understand that diabetes can be successfully managed though is a full-time commitment. We will work together as a team to properly control the diabetes of your pet. 
Diabetic dogs and cats can lead long, quality lives with diligent monitoring and management. Talk with your Bregman Vet veterinarian today about your pet’s chances of diabetes. Early diagnosis is the key to treatment and can help your four-legged family member live a long, happy life. 
For more information, visit BregmanVetGroup.com and schedule an appointment today.

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