Did You Lose a Pet During Hurricane Sandy? Read Here!

Unfortunately during Hurricane Sandy, there were many pets
that were lost. As many families are trying to recover from Sandy’s aftermath,
many are missing their furry friends. If you’re in the New York City area,
there are a couple of ways to help try and find your pet or report a found one.

Last week, a Facebook page was created called “Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets”. This Facebook page became extremely popular
overnight getting 21,500 LIKES as of this morning. Pet owners can use this site
to upload photos of their pets and other information regarding their lost
animal. The creators of the page are organizing posts of pets by state and
animal type.

Here are a few other tips to follow if you lost or perhaps
found a pet during this time:
  •  If you find an animal, take it to a
    veterinarian’s office or shelter to have it scanned for a microchip. This could
    speed up the reunion.
  • Likewise,
    if an animal has a rabies collar, that would be registered to its regular vet.
  • If you
    are able to take in the animal until its owner is found, that would be ideal,
    since most animal shelters in the area are filled past capacity at this time.
  • Pet owners
    should fill out a Lost Pet Report on the Animal Care and Control (ACC) page of
    the New York City website.
  • Lost and
    our found pet posters are still worth the effort- especially since power 
    isn’t restored in all areas affected by the storm. 
We hope that if anyone lost their pets during Hurricane Sandy, they’re returned safely home to you! 

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