Direct TV introduces DogTV: A Channel for Dogs


Direct TV is currently expanding their audience. They are
targeting tail-waggers and will launch what is called the DogTV network on Aug.

DogTV is designed to sooth and relax dogs while their
anxiety is high. CEO of DogTV, Gilad Neumann, tells USA Today, “We’ve created
the perfect dog sitter so that owners are guilt-free when they leave home and
their dogs are relaxed.”
DogTV will consist of short videos designed to either relax
or stimulate dogs. Landscapes will be shown, along with dogs running.
Sounds that frighten dogs now will be introduced in order to
decrease anxiety when these events occur. Dogs will listen to car noises,
fireworks or rainstorms. The objective of this is to gently increase the volume
of exposure dogs here.
For DirecTV owners, DogTV network is free until Aug. 4.
After that, there will be a monthly fee of $4.99.
For more information on DogTV and other dog friendly devices

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