Does Your Cat Get Enough Playtime?

you think your cat gets enough playtime? Playtime can stimulate your cat
mentally, which can help keep them out of trouble and developing behavioral problems.
Playtime is also a great way for your pet to get the exercise it needs!

Try to play with your cat for at least
10-15 minutes twice a day. If you’re going to be out for most of the day, try
getting your first round of playtime in before you leave and the second for
when you return home. Another great way to incorporate a little more playtime
for your cat is when you’re talking on the phone. Simply dangle an interactive toy while you’re talking and let your cat follow you around!

Also, if your cat spends a lot of time home
alone, make sure there are plenty of toys around to keep your cat busy and out
of trouble.

What are your favorite playtime activities
for your cat? Let us know on our Facebook page, linked HERE!

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