Does Your Cat Look Forward To Teeth Brushing Time?


your cat’s teeth 
shouldn’t be a chore for you or your furry friend. Instead, it
should be an enjoyable time for the both of you. As you know, do not overly
restrain your cat. If you take things slow and give lots of praise, you and
your cat will start looking forward to your brushing time.

your cat’s pearly whites at home by following these simple steps:
  • Before
    starting, get your cat use to the idea of having their teeth brushed.
  • Gently
    message their gums with your finger or with a cotton swab.
  • Then,
    put a little cat-formulated toothpaste on their lips to get use of the taste. 
  • After,
    introduce the toothbrush, try to get a small and soft bristle brush. They make
    toothbrushes that go over your fingers to help message your cat’s teeth. 
  • Lastly,
    apply the toothpaste and gently brush your furry friends teeth.

veterinary exam before may help to find out if your cat’s gums are inflamed or
have gingivitis. If this is the case, brushing too hard could damage their

If you
have any concerns in regard to your pets health, please contact the Bregman
Veterinary Group at any one of our locations. For more information, please

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