Does Your Pet Have Seasonal Allergies?


Did you know allergies affect pets as well as humans? Pets
can also suffer from seasonal allergies that often result in infected skin and

According to USA Today, Dr. Lorraine Corriveau reports that “more
than 20 million pets across the United Stated and Canada have skin conditions,
many because of allergies.”

Once your veterinarian figures out what type of allergies
your furry friend has, there are a few options. Allergies can be treated with
shots, medication or mild skin shampoos. If you’re a pet owner, you never want
to ignore your pet’s symptoms or allergies. If you’re unsure if your pet has allergies,
your best bet is setting up an appointment with your veterinarian. 

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If you think your pet may be suffering from seasonal
allergies, please give any one of the Bregman Veterinary Group locations a

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