Does Your Pet Need a Trip to the Vet?


Does your pet need a trip to the vet? Now that 2014 is in full swing, it’s important to start this year out healthy! However, realizing if your cat needs a check up isn’t always that easy. To facilitate this process, here are some tips.

Excessive Meows: Don’t forget to attend to your cats! If you hear more vocalizations than normal, perhaps your cat is looking for some attention. Sometimes, a couple of strokes or surprising them with a toy can fix a problem. However, your cat could be using their vocals as a sign of pain. Make sure you see the vet if there any kind of unusual signals coming from your cat.

Cold Symptoms: Cats generally show signs of colds similar to humans. If you notice crust around the eyes, a runny nose or frequent sneezes, seek medical attention from your vet. Visit your vet for yearly immunizations and make sure your cat’s health is up to date.

Frequent Sleeping or Unusual Diet: A quick way to notice if your cat is ill to track how much they’re sleeping and eating throughout the day. If you catch them snoozing more than playing, or their eating seems off, it’s likely they are getting sick. Generally cats don’t go more than a day of not eating. If your cat is possessing any of these signs, make an appointment with your vet.

Refusing the Litter Box: Either few or excessive trips to the litter box could be a reason to take your bet to the vet. If you’ve noticed this, first try to remove waste immediately after each time your cat uses the litter box. If this doesn’t seem to change anything, try washing your little box frequently.

Fur Loss: If you see patches of hair missing or signs of an allergic reaction, your cat may have an infection. Cats, just like dogs, are able to catch fleas. A quick way to catch the problem early on is to nice how much your cat scratches him or herself.

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